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Flyer for concert at Hudson Valley Community College

We had the pleasure of performing our historical program again, this time at HVCC. Our thanks to HVCC and to Cultural Affairs Director Maria Z. for inviting us!

“On March 12, [we] were treated to an outstanding concert by Toss the Feathers. A heartfelt thank you to this trio of amazing musicians. ‘[Musical] Postcards from Irish Albany and Troy’ is a feast for the senses—expert musicianship, storytelling, visuals—all brilliantly presented in historical context. This must-see program is both a tribute to the past and a profound and timely nod to the present. Well done!”
—Maria Zemantauski, Director, Cultural Affairs Program, Hudson Valley Community College

Audio / Video

The Savoy in Albany, NY, Nov. 2018
Indian Ladder Farms, July 2018

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At Indian Ladder Farms Cidery and Brewery

Hooley on the Hudson, Kingston, NY
Wedding at Franklin Plaza, picture by Andrew Franciosa

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